Biryani is a savory rice dish from Asia, which is also a popular feast dish made of many different, roasted ingredients. Afterwards it is supplemented with Basmati rice. Depending on the degree of severity Biryani can be a little sharp. There are vegetarian options and variations with different meats.


Referred to as Thali is a meal which is composed of various, different regional components. Beside rice, Dal, Papad, Chutney, Pickle and various curries are counted among the main constituents. We recommend our own creation: „Prosi King Thali“, to get the chance to try different types of curry.


Dosa is a dish which belongs to the South Indian cuisine. Dosa is traditionally cooked on a cast-iron plate. Dosa consists of a fermented batter of rice and urid beans. Dosa is usually served with sambar (a sauce on lentils and tamarind base) and chutneys.


Lassi is an Indian yogurt drink that refreshes and helps mitigating spicy food and promotes digestion. There are different flavours, the Mango Lassi is the most popular.


Paneer is an Indian cream cheese. In cooked dishes it generally has the consistency of soft tofu. Paneer is very often combined with Indian curries.


Tandoor is a special, with charcoal heated oven in which different types of bread such as Naan, Chapati and also meat, fish and cheese are prepared.